Personalised labels are flooding the food & drink industry!

Personalised labels are flooding the food & drink industry!

Scottish brand Iron-Bru is the latest brand to launch personalised labels for their product packaging. During the “Bru’s Your Clan” campaign Iru Bru will be personalising their bottles with scottish surnames and clan tartan designs.

The brand has created 56 labels that will be used during the campaign, which are decorated with 56 different clan tartan designs for the top 100 Scottish surnames.

Perhaps the brand are hoping to replicate the success of Coca Cola, who have seen great results with their “Share a Coke” personalised labels. The campaign, which has now been running for two years, “personalises” coke bottles with names. In the UK 1,000 different personalised labels were created using the most popular names across the country. They also ran events where those who couldn’t find a bottle with their name on it could get a label printed. Personalisation was so successful for Coke it saw their sales rise for the first time in ten years.

Another brand that has seen results from personalised labels is Absolute Vodka who created 4 million labels which were all individually unique. Heniz soup were also quick to get involved with a ‘Get well soup’ that could be personalised and sent to a friend.

More recently, Nutella has jumped on the personalisation bandwagon, allowing people to get custom-printed Nutella labels on their website and in Selfridges. Nutella have also seen a very positive effect from the campaign, with a huge amount of buzz on social media in addition to the increase in sales.

But as more and more brands experiment with “personalised” features on their packaging, will the novelty of personal packaging wear off? Only time will tell, but it could be that this is a trend that’s only just getting started, and we’ll start to see more mass-market packaging created to appeal to the individual.