Is hologram sticker printing really worth it?

Is hologram sticker printing really worth it?

It would be a big mistake to think that hologram sticker printing is simply an aesthetic consideration. Hologram labels are multipurpose assets which can be used for anything from adding an eye-catching element to packaging to authenticating products or documents and protecting them from counterfeiting. All this in one cost-effective and versatile label!

But first things first, what is a hologram sticker?

A hologram sticker is a flat adhesive label that contains a hologram image, which is an image that appears to be three dimensional. The label material used underneath the holographic foil on which the 3D effects are printed use a light-diffracting metallic silver which helps the image to really stand out against the shiny background. When the label is moved the diffracted light creates the effect of a moving shape and perspective of depth.

Hologram labels have been used for years to authenticate expensive or limited edition products. They are extremely difficult to replicate as they can only be made from one master hologram which means they are practically impossible to forge. This has made them a popular tool for brands and businesses who want an affordable way to protect their products as well as their reputation.

Furthermore, hologram sticker printing can be an extra security print measure. Whilst creating the labels, a tamper-evident layer can be added which means that if someone tries to remove the label a residue will be left behind, for example, the word VOID will remain across the surface where the label was originally attached.

Hologram labels can therefore be used for a variety of purposes. Not only do they increase shelf-appeal, adding an attention-grabbing aspect to your existing packaging, but they can also be used to protect your products. Additionally, they protect consumers who are able to authenticate products or documents using the hologram so that they won’t be taken in by counterfeit items.

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