Increase business with voucher printing software

Increase business with voucher printing software

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Offering your loyal and prospective customers a good deal can drive sales and create a buzz around your business. One way to do this is by creating voucher codes or using voucher printing software. Not only will vouchers increase sales, they have the potential to increase average order value as you can restrict their use to orders over a certain amount.

What other ways can you use voucher printing software to increase business?

Announce new products or services

When your customers purchase from you, you could include a voucher stapled to their receipt to announce a new product or service and offer an exclusive discount. This is a great way to cement your relationship with existing customers and encourage further sales.

Send vouchers as a thank you

You can use voucher printing software to thank existing customers for their business or for referring you to others. This provides an excellent incentive for them to continue spreading the word about your services.

Vouchers create a sense of urgency

Having a bit of a dry spell? Setting a time frame for your vouchers to be used will encourage customers to purchase and generate sales when business is slow. You can also use language such as “while stocks last” or “for a limited time only” on the voucher to create excitement.

Give vouchers away at shows and exhibitions

Make sure the right people are hearing about your business by handing out vouchers at trade shows or exhibitions. Offering vouchers to others in the industry or to customers who have visited a trade show allows you to target the right customers who are already expressing an interest in your products or services.

Appease unhappy customers

Things don’t always run as smoothly as you would like. Products can be damaged, arrive late or the customer could simply not be satisfied – and the customer is always right! Voucher printing software enables you to print out custom vouchers for unhappy customers to appease them, let them know they are valued and reduce the risk of losing them altogether.

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