How to get the most out of your warehouse labels

How to get the most out of your warehouse labels

At Hague, we provide labels for a wide variety of applications. Our barcode warehousing labelling can help to improve the efficiency of your operational processes. Over the years the use of barcode labels within warehouses has significantly increased as companies have seen the benefits they can bring. They provide a cost-effective means by which to increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency within a warehouse.

What advantages do barcode labels bring to warehouse processes?

Quickly and accurately record data

The effective operation of warehouses requires the efficient and accurate collection and logging of data. Barcode labels are a fast, efficient, and accurate means by which to achieve this. They can be used to record and monitor stock quantities, as well as to update the warehouse management system (WMS) with any stock movements.

Barcode labels help to ensure that the data is accurate and up to date. By scanning barcode labels updates can be sent instantly to the WMS, removing the need to manually write down data, removing the room for errors. 

They make warehouse processes faster and more efficient

Barcode labels help to speed up warehouse processes by logging and recording information accurately as well as quickly. Warehouse labelling is designed for long-range scanning, whether that’s applied to an overhead hanging sign label, racking label or floor. This means that staff can scan from distances such as on the floor or above head height.

Hand-held scanners can be used to read barcodes when moving through the warehousing on a vehicle. Not having to stop and dismount every time there’s a need to scan a barcode can save significant time.

Streamline the receipt and shipping process

Barcode labels allow you to dispense with traditional time-consuming paper methods for recording goods in and out of a warehouse. Barcode labels are connected to the WMS, with staff able to instantly update the system as goods are received or shipped. This reduces the potential for human error as well as saving time. Staff can use WMS to track goods at every stage, ensuring accountability and traceability should they be lost during the shipping process.

Ensure your warehouse labels are tough

Warehouse labels need to be tough and hard wearing. Durable labels of a high-quality will need replacing less often and prove more cost-effective.

Barcode labels will need extra protection in industrial environments and should be scratch resistant, so they maintain their integrity for accurate scanning. If barcode labels need to be placed on the floor, they need to be able to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Hague has over 40 years of experience in the label market. We supply a wide range of pre-printed labels to numerous industries. Our complete consultation and design service can help you create bespoke labelling for your warehouse operation whatever your industry.

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