How to get the most from custom ticket printing

How to get the most from custom ticket printing

Custom ticketing printing can mean the difference between an event that feels thrown together, and one that looks and feels slick and professional. There are so many possibilities when it comes to designing your own unique tickets for events, not only will it make the event more special it will give your attendees a lasting souvenir of the experience.

Whether you run a local theatre or you’re organising a charity fundraiser, there are many techniques you can employ to make sure you get the most benefit from custom ticket printing. It should always be on your mind that attendees may wish to keep their tickets to cherish the memory, so they should always be of a high quality and match the rest of your marketing materials for the event.

Here are just a few events that can really benefit from custom ticket printing:

  • Print tickets to a charity sports match: everyone from attendees and the sponsors of the event will be grateful that the tickets look extra professional and that you have put real thought into them
  • Event ticket printing for a school or university event can provide all attendees with a lasting souvenir of the evening, as well as generating lots more school spirit & excitement!
  • Ticket printing for events such as balls and hotel events are always a great idea, as they can be fully customised to include any branding, such as the hotel’s name and logo or the organiser’s information
  • Festivals and fairs always benefit from secure ticket printing, as counterfeiters will be deterred when they come across a ticket that is hard to replicate. Adding security features such as hologram labels or security inks can make tickets extremely difficult to forge, so attendees are protected from criminals and the organiser doesn’t lose out on money

Whatever you are using custom tickets for, they always add a nice touch and can even help to generate more profit. When people see a well-designed ticket they will have more trust in the organisers and as a result be more likely to buy, as well as more excited for the event.

Try to design the event ticket so that it reflects the event you are holding. For example, if you’re hosting a film festival it can be a nice touch to design old cinema tickets, or tickets to a vinyl record fair can be designed to look like record sleeves. There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to custom ticket printing, all you need is a little imagination!

Remember to always include all of the information that the buyer needs to attend. If you’re not sure what should go on the tickets, you can always ask us! We are experts in offering custom tickets to big name clients around the world, and would be more than happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your event ticket printing requirements in more detail.