How to build a relationship with print management companies

How to build a relationship with print management companies

What’s the one thing that all professional print management companies should have in common when it comes to their clients? Without a doubt, the answer is that they should all build strong, trusting relationships, and have a clear idea of the expectations each one has of the other.

Know what you need

The first step to building a strong relationship with your chosen print management company, is to establish what you are both looking for. Do you value speed, price, or is quality of the utmost importance? Once you’ve figured out what the other party needs, you are on the best footing to have a productive professional relationship.

Set yourself clear goals

Before commissioning a project from print management companies, you should think about setting clear goals so that the final output is to the quality desired, finished for the deadline and at a price you anticipated. As each printing job is different, these goals may change, but if you adjust these goals slightly each time you can ensure the outcome is the same.

So, what information should you and your printer provide each other with before each job? Below is a quick overview that will give you a better idea of what you should decide on beforehand:

  • When is the deadline for the overall project?
  • How many printed pieces do you require?
  • How will the finished printed materials be used?
  • What kind of paper stock do you want to use for the project?
  • Will you require any form of coating, for example, lamination?
  • Will there be folding involved, e.g. is the job for a one page flyer or does it require folding?
  • What colour format do you want to use? e.g. will you be working in the standard CMYK colour space, or is this not possible?
  • What is the final size required, or will there be need for multiple sizes?
  • Will you require a proof and in what format?
  • What is the initial/ideal budget for the job?

It is also helpful to decide how much involvement you want to have in the project. Do you want to regularly check in and see how the project is going, or do you want the print management companies to handle it from start to finish?

We can help you to make these important decisions. With over three decades of experience in the printing business, we are a trusted and professional partner to businesses and organisations around the globe.

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