How Hague has helped research and process labs to maintain efficiency during adverse operating conditions.

How Hague has helped research and process labs to maintain efficiency during adverse operating conditions.

Maintaining high levels of efficiency has always been key to successful process and research laboratory operations. But over recent months, workplace restrictions put in place during the pandemic, have meant limitations to both number of technicians working in the same space and the amount of time they have in the lab. That’s made it more important than ever to streamline processes to optimise ‘time in lab’, meet workflow quotas and ensure maximum output, without sacrificing their usual high-quality standards.

One example of a way to do this is to reduce labour-intensive tasks in the lab, such as manually completing patient information and printing on demand the relevant sample labels. Pre-printed barcode labelling from Hague offers the solution and presents several timesaving and accuracy advantages.

Why outsource your pre-printed barcode labels?
Client feedback has told us that the quality and dependability of Hague’s products have been more important than ever during these difficult times. By entrusting us to supply pre-printed barcode labelling solutions, clients have been able to maximise the limited time they have in the lab and focus on the important work they’re undertaking.

Utilising pre-printed barcode solutions means that accuracy and high standards are maintained, without stealing valuable time from your highly trained team members. Instead of spending hours on unnecessary admin, they can focus on the tasks their in-depth training has prepared them for, optimising performance and reducing financial output. Once scanned and linked to a patient’s record on your system, pre-printed barcode labels can be quickly and simply applied to sample carriers in a matter of seconds.

Four key benefits of pre-printed barcode outsourcing:

  1. Provides complete re-assurance that your labels are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of lab environments.
  2. Allows rapid scale-up during times of increased demand.
  3. Avoids precious time wasted completing labels manually.
  4. Removes any chance of illegibility issues arising.

Why choose Hague as your outsourcing partner?

 We’re highly trusted by medical departments, research labs and pharmacies throughout the UK.  Whatever your needs, we can provide pre-printed barcode labels to boost efficiency and accuracy. These are currently used throughout the NHS in all main Pathology and Blood Transfusion departments, as well as Pharmacy and Patient Services and typically used on test tubes, lab containers and medical vials.

This includes transport bags in a range of grip seal, self-seal and bespoke options, specimen bags with grip seal closures and leak-proof bespoke specimen bags.

Created using the latest printing technology, our barcodes are produced and finished in one press pass to reduce error and flaws and maintain high levels of quality control. They are also verified to protect against readability issues or duplicates. These steps ensure that you never need to worry about barcode accuracy or reliability.

Barcode outsourcing can help save time, maximise efficiency and reduce human error so your laboratory can continue to operate successfully through even the most challenging of times.

Find out more about our secure barcode printing service for pharmaceutical companies and labs here or contact us for more information.