How are custom hologram stickers created?

How are custom hologram stickers created?

Introduction to Hologram Stickers

Hologram stickers serve as essential tools for product authenticity and brand protection. These unique labels incorporate holographic technology, which produces a 3D visual effect making them extremely challenging to replicate. Businesses utilise hologram stickers as a means of safeguarding their products against counterfeiting and unauthorised duplication. The intricate and dynamic patterns created by holography make it exceedingly difficult for counterfeiters to mimic, thereby helping consumers and authorities to identify genuine, authentic products. By affixing hologram stickers on merchandise, companies can establish a visible and reliable proof of authenticity, instilling trust among consumers, while deterring counterfeiters from attempting to replicate their products. This, in turn, preserves the brand’s reputation, enhances customer confidence, and fosters a secure marketplace for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions within.

While companies use such measures in the retail industry for brand protection, hologram stickers are also widely used in the education sector by universities as a protective measure on certificates. This is a huge deterrent in qualification fraud as counterfeiters find it impossible to replicate certificates, preventing them from deceiving an employer- or even using it as a way to maintain a visa.

Secure documentation within the finance industry is also a key area for hologram stickers, typically affixed to cheques and other papers.

Designing Custom Holographic Stickers

Designing custom holographic stickers is an art that seamlessly blends creativity and technical expertise to bring clients’ visions to life. Understanding client requirements and objectives is the crucial foundation of this process. By delving into their preferences and intended use for the holographic stickers, designers can tailor their approach accordingly. Collaborating with our in-house graphic designers becomes instrumental in transforming ideas into visuals. Together, our studio and account managers brainstorm and iterate, ensuring every detail aligns with the client’s vision.

Selecting the perfect holographic elements and effects is where the magic truly happens. This involves a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics. The holographic elements need to enhance the sticker’s appeal, catching the light in mesmerising ways. Simultaneously, they must serve the sticker’s purpose, whether it’s for security or branding.

Incorporating branding and customisation is the final flourish that makes custom holographic stickers truly stand out. By integrating the client’s branding elements seamlessly, such as logos, colour schemes and fonts, the stickers become a unique extension of their identity as well as a prominent security feature.

Printing Techniques for Holographic Stickers

Printing holographic stickers involves a fascinating array of techniques that fuse innovation with precision. Holographic printing methods offer a diverse range of possibilities, with both traditional offset and cutting-edge digital printing processes being utilised. These techniques lay the groundwork for the holographic magic to come alive. Once the printing process begins, specialised methods, like 3D embossing and foiling step in, elevating the stickers visual splendor. Throughout the printing journey, rigorous quality control and inspection mechanisms ensure each sticker meets the highest standards of brilliance and accuracy.

Security Features of Holographic Stickers

Holographic stickers are not only eye-catching and visually striking but also serve as a robust safeguard against counterfeit and tampering attempts. These stickers come fortified with an array of cutting-edge security features that leave counterfeiters in the dark and ensure authenticity.

Tamper-evident measures are an essential first line of defense. These features are designed to expose any attempt at unauthorised access or tampering with the holographic sticker/ the product it adheres to. Features include frangible materials, void patterns or destructible adhesives that leave clear evidence of tampering. Once the sticker is removed or disturbed, it cannot be re-applied without evident signs of interference.

Another feature crucial to preventing counterfeiting of these stickers is serialisation and unique identification elements. Each holographic sticker is assigned a distinctive identifier or serial number during the manufacturing process. This information is stored in a secure database and can be cross-referenced to verify the authenticity of a product. By using serialisation, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers can track and trace products through the supply chain, ensuring their provenance and origin.

Optical and visual security features in holographic stickers use intricate patterns, microtext, nano-text, and other sophisticated design elements that are nearly impossible to replicate using conventional printing methods. The unique optical effects created by these features add an additional layer of complexity, making counterfeiting extremely challenging. Furthermore, holographic stickers may include hidden images and 2D/3D visual effects that further enhance their security and visual appeal.

Application and Adhesive Options

When it comes to hologram labels, the application process and adhesive selection play a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Choosing the right substrate and adhesive is the first step in creating a secure and effective holographic label.

For hologram labels applied to different surfaces and materials, careful considerations must be made. Labels intended for smooth, flat surfaces like glass or paper may require a standard adhesive with good initial tack and adhesion. However, labels meant for curved or irregular surfaces like bottles or textured packaging demand adhesives with enhanced conformability to ensure seamless application and long-lasting adhesion.

Permanent, removable, and specialised adhesives offer distinct benefits depending on the intended use of the hologram sticker. Permanent adhesives create a strong, lasting bond that resists tampering or removal. Removable adhesives, on the other hand, allow for easy and clean removal without leaving residue, making them ideal for promotional or temporary labelling needs. Specialised adhesives cater to unique requirements, such as, high temperature resistance for industrial applications or low-tack adhesives for delicate surfaces.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of using custom holographic stickers for brand protection?

Custom holographic stickers offer strong brand protection by deterring counterfeiting, providing authentication, and including tamper-evident features. They enhance brand trust, track product authenticity and create a unique visual appeal, making your products stand out.

Can holographic stickers be used for product authentication?

Yes! Holographic stickers are an effective tool for product authentication. Their intricate designs and security features make it challenging for counterfeiters to replicate, allowing customers and retailers to easily identify genuine products and build brand trust.

Are holographic stickers resistant to tampering or removal?

Holographic stickers can incorporate tamper-evident features, making them resistant to tampering attempts. Once removed or tampered with, they leave evident signs of interference, meaning that the holographic sticker cannot be reapplied.

How can I ensure the design of my holographic stickers is unique?

To ensure a unique holographic sticker design, work with experienced hologram manufacturers (That’s us) who can customise designs, incorporate security features, and create a bespoke solution tailored to your brand’s specific needs.

Furthermore, we register your University’s bespoke holograms with the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA). This allows us to submit designs to the Hologram Image Register, which minimises copyright initiatives and underpins hologram use for security print. Read more about our partnership with the IHMA here.

Can holographic stickers be applied manually or through automated processes?

Holographic stickers can be applied both manually and through automated processes. For large-scale applications, automated machines offer efficiency and precision, while manual application may be suitable for smaller quantities or specialised sizes.


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