How a print management company will streamline your printing

How a print management company will streamline your printing

Streamlining the printing process should be a priority for all companies. Whether the approach you take is rolling out print management software or outsourcing to a print management company, you can and will end up saving more than just money. Printing expenses can really add up but so can your company’s impact on the environment if you practice poor printing habits, so there are dual motives for taking more responsibility of your printing.

Before you make the decision to outsource your printing, you should do an audit of your existing process.

The first place to start is by getting an overview of your print environment. Find out which printers are used most often, which departments are printing the most and how much downtime your print server has in a typical month. Once you have answers to these questions, you’ll be in a better position to carry out the following steps.

Rotate printers

The fastest way for a printer to pack in is by overuse. Swap your printers that have been used most with devices that are used less frequently. This will prolong the life of both devices. If a printer is past its prime but you continue to pump money into keeping it running, quit. Replace hardware that is no longer working as it should as the maintenance can end up being a bigger drain on your resources than investing in a new printer.

Research new technologies

Don’t fall behind the times with printing technology. New technologies are being released all the time, technologies that can streamline your printing and help you to cut back on printing costs. Look into next generation print management solutions and always be prepared to adopt the latest changes to keep improving your workflow.

Empower your end users

Targeted printer deployment relies on scripts or group policy objects (GPOs), which aren’t known for their precision. This complexity can hinder targeted printer deployment and doesn’t necessarily mean the correct printer is being used by the correct person. Instead of relying on your technical support to routinely install printers, empower your end users to manage the printers themselves and take responsibility for your company’s assets.

If this all sounds like a lot of work and well out of your comfort zone, a print management company like Hague could be the perfect solution. We are a leading UK print solutions provider and can use our expertise to manage your end-to-end print process and save you both time and money (as well as plenty of stress).

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