Hologram printing, how are they created and printed?

Hologram printing, how are they created and printed?

Ever wondered how the process of hologram printing works? In this blog we explain exactly what holograms are and how we make them.

What is a hologram?

A hologram is essentially a three dimensional image on a two dimensional surface. The word hologram comes from the Greek words ‘holo’ and ‘gram’ which mean ‘whole’ and ‘message’.

When we look at a hologram, we see a 3D image, however a hologram is nothing like a normal 2D image. Inside is an encoded pattern of lines, known as fringes, and these fringes bend and shape the light to reveal the image that we see.

Another way of explaining it is that the surface of the hologram comprises many millions of tiny lenses of different strengths, which are set at different angles. When light shines through the hologram each lens focuses the light to a different spot and all the spots, when seen together, form the image that is visible.

How are holograms created?

The first stage in creating a hologram is hologram origination, this is when the hologram is designed. We create bespoke holograms for brands all across the world that are all totally unique while still fitting to brand guidelines.

How does hologram printing work?

Once the hologram is created, it can be printed onto a number of different formats including labels, foil and stickers.

The hologram printing process itself is very complex and detailed – it involves several different stages and there are in the region of 2,000 lines in every millimetre of hologram!

What can I use holograms for?

Holograms are extremely versatile and can be applied to a huge variety of products and documents via hologram printing, stickers or labels. A few places you might find a hologram include bank cards, sports equipment, computer hardware and passports. Holograms are especially effective for brand protection as they are nearly impossible to counterfeit. It’s not possible to use a scanner or photocopier to copy them and the skills and technology involved in their production aren’t easily accessible to scammers.

Having a hologram on your products can also strengthen your brand identity as members of the public are likely to associate holograms with prestigious brands.