Hologram label printing for small businesses

Hologram label printing for small businesses

You don’t need to be the owner of a huge company to have a hologram label to attach to your products. All industries can benefit from using holographic stickers to enhance the image of their brand and add an extra layer of security.

A hologram label is the perfect solution to provide security and authentication to combat counterfeiting. They cannot be optically scanned by a computer or reproduced with a photocopier, so they act as a powerful deterrent to would-be fraudsters.

They also require special equipment and technology to create, so counterfeiters tend to stay away from products that are protected by a hologram label.

Furthermore, tamper evident holograms allow both brand owners and consumers to identify items that may have been altered or opened before being sold.

Any attempts to either peel off or alter the hologram label is easily visible so your products are protected against warranty fraud, product tampering and asset theft. It is also a mark that shows a product hasn’t been tampered with since leaving the manufacturer.

A tamper evident hologram label can therefore be used for any number of items. For example, food products that include a label can reduce the threat that someone has tampered with the food inside. In situations like this, a tamper evident hologram label can be a life saver!

Security packaging like a hologram label can benefit your business in multiple ways. Not only does it protect your products but it also creates a unique and attractive opportunity to complement your packaging and product. Research has found that people believe products with a hologram label have a higher perceived value, so they make your product instantly seem more valuable and appealing.

All hologram products designed by Hague have been created to combat counterfeiting and reduce the risk of tampering. Get in touch and find out how we can create hologram labels that will enhance your brand and your product, as well as protecting your assets.

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