Guide to supplying artwork for perforated voucher booklet printing

Guide to supplying artwork for perforated voucher booklet printing

Perforated voucher printing can be a useful promotional tool and also help to increase revenue. Booklets can be designed to meet all your requirements, including all text and artwork.

There are a few things to remember when supplying artwork for perforated voucher booklet printing. In this article, we’ve outlined the steps you need to follow when providing a printing solutions company with your artwork.

The best way to send files containing your artwork is digitally, via email or an image transfer tool such as wetransfer. PDFs and JPEG files are both image files that can be used to send your artwork. If your files are not already PDF or JPEG files you can convert them to this format before sending any imagery.

If you want to use native files, for example Quark Express, then add all elements, images, fonts etc into a single folder before compressing to zip files. Please remember to send just one version and not to supply your files as ‘printers pairs’.

To ensure your booklet looks as premium as possible, always save your files at 300dpi. This means that per inch of the file there are 300 pixels and the image is sharp and doesn’t look pixelated, or dotty. Always choose a high resolution and remember to ‘embed all fonts’.

It’s also important to save your artwork at the correct size for printing. If we receive an image that is too small and it needs to be printed in a larger size this can result in loss of resolution. When images are not of a high resolution this leaves them looking fuzzy.

Always leave a ‘bleed’ around any artwork supplied. This refers to the area that is trimmed off around your artwork, so your image touches the edge of the page and you are not left with an unsightly white margin around the image.

Following these guidelines will ensure your perforated voucher booklet printing is carried out swiftly with no delay. If you want to discuss this in more detail, enquire now and we can arrange a free consultation.