Gift voucher printing and four other ways to sell more in 2019

Gift voucher printing and four other ways to sell more in 2019

Consumers are bombarded left, right and centre with different messages trying to get them to buy more. So if you want to cut through the noise, you need to do something that they are really going to see the value in. Gift voucher printing is one way to drive more sales all year round and so should play a major role in your 2019 marketing plan.

Here are five ways to sell more in the New Year.

Create and maintain attention

Without marketing your business, how are your target customers meant to know who you are or what you stand for? Effective marketing campaigns, strong sales skills and a clear strategy should all be on your agenda for 2019. Integrated campaigns which involve a mix of digital and print are the best way to get your message out there.

Give your least favourite merchandise some love

You may not care for it but that doesn’t mean your customers feel the same, so look at the merchandise you hate with new eyes – think how it might add something to somebody else’s life and use that to market it. Really think about what you need to do to sell those products rather than simply leaving them hidden away at the back of your storage room.

Build rapport with your customers

Developing a relationship with your customers builds a bond and with that bond comes loyalty. Not only will this improve the shopping experience on the whole, but it will also lead to repeat sales. Encourage your sales staff to get out from behind the counter and talk to your customers, find out what their motivators are and connect them to a product. This also makes it easier for your sales team to upsell.

Gift voucher printing

Gift vouchers are still just as popular as ever, they’re quick, convenient and require little thought. It’s also no wonder they are so popular with retailers – each of your customers will have friends that they need to buy birthday presents, anniversary presents, Christmas presents and so on. So regardless the size of your business, gift voucher printing should be part of your sales strategy as it appeals to such a wide audience. Make sure to keep your gift vouchers visible at point of sale so that people are aware of them and can buy as a last minute addition to their existing basket.

Give shoppers a reason to visit

Shopping online has made it easy for customers to get everything they need from the comfort of their own homes, but all retailers know that storefront traffic is crucial. Use your social media channels to incentivise customers to visit – let them know about sales or store events and get them to spread the word!

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