Get a roll of stickers printed to promote your app

Get a roll of stickers printed to promote your app

More and more people are beginning to create mobile apps, and who can blame them? There were 25 billion iOS app downloads in 2015, and they have become one of the most popular ways to build brand awareness and generate revenue. However, just because an app is a digital tool that doesn’t mean you should only use digital methods to promote it. Simple print marketing tricks, like having a roll of stickers printed with your logo can be a fun and engaging way to promote your app.

Multiple marketing uses

Stickers can have multiple marketing uses when it comes to promoting your brand. They are a versatile way to get your app out there, and can be used on practically anything from flyers to a brochure. You could also include a sticker in a goodie bag offered around to consumers by promotional staff or at a trade show or event.

Offer more information

Help your prospective app customers discover more about your business by providing useful information on your stickers. If your sticker is engaging and intriguing they will naturally want to find out more, and you need to make sure you provide the information for them to do this. The name of the app and a URL to a supporting microsite can help them to do some more research in their own time.

Cost effective

A huge benefit of using stickers to promote your mobile app is how reasonably priced they are. This makes them an extremely affordable way to present your message to your target audience. They also have a long term value, as you can use them on your printed marketing materials in the future and across numerous campaigns.

Encourage downloads

Another extremely effective way to use stickers as a marketing tool is to print a call to action on them. Think about using them as a way to encourage users to download your app, using copy like ‘Download now’ or ‘20% off downloads with code XXX’. This is one of the most important marketing devices you can implement on any promotional materials.

Here at Hague we can help you to design and manufacture self-adhesive stickers and labels to suit any of your unique marketing needs. Get in touch to arrange a free consultation and find out more about our custom-made printed stickers on a roll.