Get a roll of stickers printed to promote a sale

Get a roll of stickers printed to promote a sale

If there’s a magic word that always gets customers in the mood to shop, it has to be ‘sale’! Nothing quite encourages customers to spend their hard earned money more than an attractive promotion, particularly in a struggling economy. But just how do you tell customers about your sale, and how can you spread the word far and wide? The answer could be as simple as getting a roll of stickers printed to let people know about your limited-time offers.

Targeted promotions

A good sale can increase purchases made by your existing customers, as well as bringing in new customers. It’s also a very effective way to lure customers away from your competition and towards your business. While sometimes a sale can accomplish all these things, it is wise to decide what you want to achieve. If you want to sell old stock then a flash sale advertised clearly in your shop window, or by stickers placed conspicuously for passing customers to see, can help you to quickly shift the items.

Limited availability

Psychologists have found that people are more likely to give something greater value if they perceive it as being in short supply. If an offer is limited people will be more likely to give it greater value, so offering something for a short time only will make customers more likely to purchase. Make sure they know that the products are in a limited supply and only available for a limited time, and this will generate more interest for your promotion.

Use social media

Promoting a sale through traditional print marketing methods, such as a newspaper ad, sticker marketing and flyers, is still the most effective way to attract customers. However, there are many digital tools you have available to help including powerful social media marketing options. Promote your offer on Facebook or Twitter, with more details for customers to either visit your website or your store. Make sure to include all the information your customers need to make the next step on their journey to buy, such as your contact details or your website’s URL.

If promoted well a sale can really help you to generate extra profits in a short space of time. But remember to keep your customers satisfied throughout the sales period by keeping your store orderly and managing queueing times. A queue management system like QLess can help you to do this and make sure customers don’t become agitated waiting in long queues.

We can help you to promote your sale using stickers, and also install QLess so your customers can save time by joining virtual queues. Get in touch to discuss these options in more detail, we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the many benefits of both.