Five ways hologram labels can protect your products

Five ways hologram labels can protect your products

If you want to take product protection to a whole new level then you should consider creating your own custom hologram labels. You can use holographic security labels not just to protect products but also to increase their shelf appeal – and even better, they are an extremely cost effective way to kill these two birds with one stone. The biggest benefit of hologram labels though is that they can safeguard your products from counterfeiting, in this article we detail how.

Easily distinguish your products

One of the first ways that hologram labels protect your products is by making them easier to distinguish from imitations. Affixing a specifically-designed hologram that can be identified on sight by both you and your consumers instantly guarantees authenticity.

Difficult to copy

Hologram labels provide unrivalled protection as they are quick to recognise but incredibly difficult to accurately reproduce. This is because to replicate hologram labels requires access to the master hologram as well as expensive and technologically advanced equipment.

Tamper evident labels

Hologram labels are tamper evident which means that they break apart if someone attempts to remove or replace them. Creating the hologram with highly secure custom holographic foil also means that any attempt to alter the hologram label is immediately obvious.

Embedded security information

The versatility of hologram labels means that you can add in several different security techniques, such as embedding security information within the label. An embedded code is an efficient and accurate way to better track and trace your products.

Deter counterfeiters

Perhaps the most underrated security feature of hologram labels is their ability to ward off counterfeiters. One look at a product which features a hologram sticker is enough to make a would-be fraudster think twice about targeting your products, thus protecting your brand and its reputation.

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