Five reasons to use barcode labels for better inventory management

Five reasons to use barcode labels for better inventory management

Mastering barcode inventory management can ensure your business employs the most effective and reliable method for taking and managing stock. A well implemented barcode inventory control system allows you to keep accurate visibility on levels of inventory as well as notifying you when you need to reorder or return items. Barcode labels are a low-cost and versatile way to guarantee your product levels are always available.

Poor inventory management can affect profitability by leading to excess or inadequate inventory which in turn leads to either tax or overhead implications as well as the margins on sellable products. Pushing aside inventory management can harm not just your profits but also your business’s reputation as poorly management investors can affect customer satisfaction ratings.

Below are five ways barcode labels can help you to better manage your inventory:

1. They are easy to use

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use inventory control software. When all items feature barcode labels, inventory can be quickly scanned while associated data can be accurately recalled.

2. They are relatively low cost

Barcode label are incredibly cost effective to print, while the time associated with training staff to manually conduct a stock take can be significantly lowered. You really can’t afford to not be using barcode labels for inventory management!

3. Readily available technology

Barcode label technology is affordable and available. Don’t waste time because you think you can get by without using barcodes. You run the risk of losing inventory or inaccurately taking stock in the meantime. Don’t lose out on potentially thousands of pounds rather than implementing easy-to-use barcode technology.

4. Eliminate the risk of human error

No matter how vigilant staff members are while taking inventory, humans make 10 errors per 1,000 keystrokes. Barcode labels are scanned with a barcode scanner and so practically eliminate the risk of human error. In fact, just one error is made per 10,000 scans which can reduce the chance of you overspending by ordering too much inventory.

5. Save time

There are two things business owners always want to save: time and money. Barcode labels can help you save both of these things by keeping your inventory organised with an automated and cheap-to-implement system that means your employees don’t waste time manually taking stock or searching for items in your warehouse.

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