Expert custom ticket printing tips

Expert custom ticket printing tips

The first step for successful custom ticket printing is knowing exactly what you want to achieve. Designing event tickets can be one of the most exciting parts of planning an event, and if you do it right then it won’t just encourage people to come to your event, it will become a long-term memento that they keep as a souvenir!

At Hague we have over twenty years of experience designing tickets for some of the country’s largest and most respected organisations. We’ve picked up a few tricks in this time, and in this blog we’ll share them with you.

Always list event details

It may sound obvious, but it’s vital to include all the information about your event that attendees will find useful. Include the name of the event, as well as the time and place it will be taking place. You may also want to include the cost of the ticket and a seat number if it’s a seated event. If there are sponsors for the event they may also wish to have their branding printed on the ticket.

Choose a suitable design

If your event has a theme then you may want to find a way to communicate it visually on the ticket. This can be done simply with a pattern or imagery, or you could go all out and design tickets that instantly reflect the nature of the event, for example designing a ticket that looks like an old movie theatre stub for a film festival.

Find the right material

A thicker paper stock can help to create a sturdier ticket that is more durable and that people can keep for longer. Ordinary paper can easily tear or become damaged so it is generally advised against using it. The paper you use can say a lot about the type of event you are hosting; a more premium paper indicates a more formal or prestigious event.

Designing the right tickets for your events can ultimately boost sales and increase both awareness and attendance. Our in-house design team can help you to develop unique tickets for your events that keep venues regulated and protected from fraudulent activity.

We can provide custom ticket printing solutions including creative and complex security designs, as well as highly secure inks and personalised holograms. All of our thermal ticket printing solutions are designed to keep you and your event safe and secure.

Get in touch to find out more about the custom ticket printing services we can provide. All you need to do is quickly fill in our enquiry form and we’ll contact you to arrange a free consultation.