Everything you need to know about security print with security inks

Everything you need to know about security print with security inks

As world leaders in security print, we use the most advanced and secure printing techniques available. One of the features we offer is printing with security inks – but what does that actually mean? Here we explain exactly what security ink is and why they are almost impossible to copy.

What is security ink?

Security ink, or biometric ink, as it sometimes known, is a type of ink that has complex information encoded in its DNA. Genetic technology is used in order to add specially encrypted information to the ink.

How can you tell if a document has been printed with security ink?

Security ink isn’t visible to the human eye, so it’s not possible to see if documents have been printed with security ink. For this reason, security ink is an excellent covert anti-counterfeit feature, as it’s very difficult to detect.

Can other people access the information in the security print?

No, the information is encrypted, so even if someone did realise the document was printed with security inks, and enlisted the help of a DNA biochemist, they still wouldn’t be able to access and copy the information stored in the ink.

How can these inks be printed?

Just like non-secure ink, security ink can be used in many different types of printing. We can print in security ink by offset/litho, flexo, gravure, screen, inkjet & stamping processes.

Can security or biometric ink be replicated?

No, we use one of two very secure security print methods to store information within the ink. By using GCAT to Binary in a 25 Base Pair Sequence we can create 50-bit storage with 1,125,899,906,842,623 potential unique combinations. Alternatively by employing ASCII/Alphanumeric to Binary we can enable almost infinite personalized alphanumeric combinations, making the document virtually impossible to replicate.

This, used in conjunction with our other security print features like watermarked papers, holograms, and tagganted foil means you can print documents with unrivalled security.

Can the information be removed from the ink?

No, the information is held within the ink’s DNA and cannot be removed.

Is there any way I can verify the security inks once they are in my document?

Yes, there’s a number of sophisticated techniques to enable you to verify the document is genuine.

Where can I find out more?

Read more about security print on our website.