Do you need a cheque printer machine to print your own cheques?

Do you need a cheque printer machine to print your own cheques?

If you’re a business owner, you know that every penny counts. If you have the time and the right equipment, you may have made the decision to print your own cheques. The good news is you don’t need a special cheque printer machine. It is, in fact, possible to print out cheques with practically any printer.

The bad news is, if you don’t get it totally right and comply with your bank’s requirements, doing your own cheque printing may be more trouble than its worth.

But before you decide whether or not it’s the right move for you, we’ll tell you what you do need to print your own cheques:

Cheque book printing software to format correctly MICR font to print the computer-readable numbers found at the bottom of a cheque The correct paper stock — printing requires special paper that has security features so your cheques can’t be replicated or tampered with by counterfeiters Magnetic ink — cheque reading machines in banks use this kind of ink, it’s more expensive than regular ink and not as easy to find

These supplies can end up adding up, particularly if you print a lot of cheques. It can also become costly if you end up making even minor mistakes and have to print all over again.

Which brings us to our next question: how much do you want to do yourself? There are a couple of options when it comes to printing cheques, you can do everything from scratch or you can work with a printing specialist who can partially print your cheques for you.

If the second option sounds appealing, print management companies can print the computer-friendly figures at the bottom of the cheque for you. This means you don’t have to purchase your own magnetic ink, or worry that the numbers are in the right place when you print. That means all that is left for you to do is just add the name of the payee, the amount, and the date.

At Hague, we are a member of the UK’s C&CCC (Cheque and Credit Clearing Company), which means that all the cheques we provide our clients with meet strict security standards. We can offer a complete end-to-end service, taking care of all of your cheque printing requirements, or you can cherry-pick cheque printing services depending on how much you want to do yourself.

Fill in our online enquiry form and let us know what you’re looking for. Once we have your details a member of our expert team will get in touch to arrange a good time for a free consultation.