Postie, the company taking direct mail by storm

Postie, the company taking direct mail by storm -->

Postie, a business in the USA, are hoping to take marketing by storm through using direct mail.

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Postie was created by those who are having a huge impact on the digital marketing industry and now they’re moving their focus to direct mail. But how are they doing things differently?

Essentially, they take data they’ve collected online and combine this with mailing to provide a 24 hour turnaround. The service has a reach of 320 million people, yet giving you the option to target a specific demographic.

Fink, who previously worked the infamous Dollar Shave Club, is experienced in reaching wide audiences with viral messages. Postie has a reduced scale but the market he’s capturing remains on a huge scale.

Fink acknowledges the power of print. Stating that ‘a highly targeted physical piece of mail, especially in today’s ephemeral world, elicits an emotional response that goes above and beyond what is possible online”.

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