Different ways to use custom printed stickers on a roll in your business

Different ways to use custom printed stickers on a roll in your business

Printed stickers on a roll have many uses in business, particularly in marketing. Here are some ways you could use custom printed stickers on a roll to promote your business or products to potential customers:

Trade shows

Each year thousands of trade shows take place across the UK, ranging from small specialist shows to multinational exhibitions that attract thousands of visitors. If attending trade shows is part of the strategy for promoting your business, then attract attention to your stand with a range of promotional items that are branded with custom stickers. There’s a wealth of things that you can give away for free, such as pens, mugs, water bottles, notepads etc. and all of these can be used to build interest in what your business has to offer.

You can customise your stickers in any way you like so they’re ideal for use in trade shows as the design can be changed to suit the theme of the show.


Custom printed stickers on a roll can be used to jazz up tired looking packaging, announce the launch of a new product or promote a competition or give-away.

If you’ve got something exciting to say but are stuck for ideas, our in-house design team can work with you to create the right message.


If you visit or work with customers onsite or if you have a travelling sales team, use custom stickers on your equipment as mini advertisements to promote your business. For example, stickers can be added to laptops, briefcases, document wallets, notepads etc.

Pop-up stores

A pop-up store is a temporary store which is usually located in areas which have high foot traffic such as transport hubs, shopping centres or high streets. They can last from as little as 3 days up to a couple of months.

The success of a pop-up store depends on people knowing that you are there. So, a few days before the store opens hand out leaflets to passers-by and on the opening day itself have staff give out sample products in bags that are branded using custom printed stickers.

Here at Hague, we’re passionate about all things print, so if you’re interested in hearing more ways that you could use custom printed stickers on a roll in your business, send us a message via our online enquiry form, leaving your name and contact details and a member of our highly experienced print team will be in touch shortly.