Different finishes for your printed roll labels

Different finishes for your printed roll labels

A finish can really boost the overall quality of your printed roll labels as well as adding an extra layer of protection. Before you actually decide on the kind of finish that is right for your labels, you should consider the labels’ intended environment. Will they be in a moist environment or will they be exposed to light or potential abrasion? Once you have a good idea of this, then you can narrow down your choice of finish for a much simpler decision.

There are three main kinds of finish that can be used for printed roll labels.


Lamination involves a thin layer of film which is adhered to the surface of the label. This layer provides a robust plastic barrier which protects the printed labels on a roll against damages like smudging or scuffing. There are several different kinds of laminate, including gloss laminate, matte laminate and UV outdoor gloss laminate. Your printing specialist can talk you through them all in more detail.


Varnishes are a professional looking finish that can give your paper stock the wow factor. The varnish will bring the print to life, enhancing the stock of the label and the paper it is attached to. It can prevent moderate damages and is generally cheaper than lamination; however, this is because the protection offered is not as high. A gloss varnish can effectively protect your labels from moderate scuffs so is perfect for products that will remain stationary on the shelf.

UV coatings

UV coating is a clear coating applied to paper and then dried with ultraviolet light. It provides a brilliant glossy sheen to printed roll labels. It also adds a thick layer of protection for long-lasting durability. The coating helps to resist abrasions, scratching, rubbing and smudging but is not fully waterproof; however, it is water-resistant.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different finishes that can be applied to your printed roll labels, you can make a more informed decision. For any further questions and to gain more information, an expert member of our print team can talk to you in more detail during a free consultation.

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