Deter food fraud with holographic sticker printing

Deter food fraud with holographic sticker printing

Three years after the horse-meat scandal, food fraud has hit the news again as experts warn it is still as much of a problem as ever. While consumers can never guarantee exactly what goes into the food they buy, as a supplier you can ensure that your food products include security features such as holographic sticker printing to prevent food fraud.

Fraud is, of course, much more common in certain industries. For example, companies concerned with ticket printing for events will encounter counterfeiters more often than other industries. When it comes to food fraud there are certain products that are much more likely to be targeted by fraudsters. What common food products are still most at risk of adulteration?

Baby formula

Those in the infant formula industry will already be aware of the counterfeiting issue many bigger brands face. Infant formula is an expensive product that is in high demand, opening an avenue for many counterfeiters to substitute cheaper products for more pricey brands. Printing a hologram label and including it on your infant formula packaging to distinguish authentic products can assure customers they are getting a high quality product.

Olive Oil

CBS News recently reported that the olive oil business has been heavily corrupted by the Mafia and that impure olive oil is more common on the market than you’d think. Products claiming to contain “true extra-virgin olive oil” are rarely unadulterated, so consumers are being advised to avoid offers that seem too good to be true. To ensure they are buying genuine products experts are advising consumers to purchase big name brands.

Spanish Chorizo

Like champagne, Spanish Chorizo must be produced within a certain geographical area. Passing off a product as authentically from a region is one of the biggest sources of food fraud. If you are producing food products, like champagne and chorizo, that require demonstrable authenticity, including holographic sticker printing on the product or stock labels can assure consumers and retailers that they are getting the real deal.

In the past, food traders have often used holographic sticker printing to protect their products. In 2014 winemakers in South Africa began to add holographic labels to their bottles to help consumers distinguish them from fraudulent copies. This increased protection is just one of the ways you can protect your products and your customers from food fraud.

At Hague we supply more individually designed holographic images than any other supplier in the UK. Get in touch to find out how we can design a specific hologram that can protect your products from fraud.