Custom printed wine labels: The perfect gift for hard-working employees

Custom printed wine labels: The perfect gift for hard-working employees

Employee appreciation is just one way to reduce turnover which can hurt your business’s bottom line. The ripple effect of an employee leaving a business can be enormous, whether it’s losing the expertise and knowledge of that employee or the training costs incurred when hiring someone new. That’s why employee appreciation is so important and even small gestures, like giving a bottle of wine with custom printed wine labels, can go a long way to showing your employees you care.

Here are just four more ideas for how you can give back to hard-working employees.

Praise a job well done

It’s all too easy to lay the blame when employees make mistakes, but how often do you really praise people when they do something right? It may be expected of employees to do their jobs well but it never goes amiss to give the occasional shout out when someone works hard and achieves something. Send an email around to the entire company to acknowledge the employee or praise their efforts in a weekly meeting. It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference.

Give employees personalised gifts

Personalised gifts can light up an employee’s day as well as showing your appreciation for their hard work and contributions. Finding out what your employee’s interests are is the first step to creating a custom gift that they’ll love. If there’s no way to find out their interests without revealing your agenda, a bottle of wine always goes down well! Bespoke printed wine labels with your employee’s name will add that personalised touch that shows you’ve really thought about the gift and not just run to the off-license on your lunch break.

Provide snacks

It’s simple but effective. If you want employees to work at full capacity, they need sustenance. Not to mention, everyone loves a treat! Invest in some snacks for your staff, it’s a great source of energy and shows your employees you care about how they feel during the working day. It also means employees will take less breaks and won’t need to run out in the middle of the day to get snacks from the local supermarket.

Show you care about health and wellbeing

If your employees don’t take care of their health and fitness, they won’t be well enough to work to the best of their ability. It also means they will be more likely to take sick days. Offering some incentives for your staff to exercise, whether that’s discounted gym membership, a cycle-to-work scheme, or implementing a wellness programme that rewards employees who take part, shows that you care about your employees’ health and also that you care about them as people.

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