Choosing fonts for certificate printing

Choosing fonts for certificate printing

The printed word has been around since 220 A.D. when wooden block printing was first used in China. Over time different styles of fonts have been developed and today there are approximately 300,000 individual styles.

Whether you’re looking for a font which is aligned with your brand or you’re looking to give out certificates at a special event like a sports day, school graduation or even family celebrations, here are some different styles of fonts that you can use in certificate printing.


If you want your certificates to have a traditional look, choose a classic font. This style of font typically comes under the Blackletter banner. For instance, fonts such as Old English Regular and RM Albion take inspiration from Medieval times and work perfectly for printing dates, headers and names.


A cursive font is perfect for adding stylish touches to a certificate. A popular font is the Adine Kinburg which is classically cursive while still being easy to read. Its simple clear lines instantly add a touch of professionalism to a certificate and is ideal for detailing who the award is to and the reason for awarding the certificate. Or, for a bolder look choose a font like BlackJack whose thicker letters are perfect for landscape shaped certificates.

Formal Calligraphy

Calligraphy style letters are sometimes referred to as script fonts. They have a ‘hand-written’ look to them and are often displayed in italics. Formal calligraphy fonts like Bispo are incredibly elegant and stylish and are a popular choice for traditional or refined style certificates. However, these decorative fonts are best paired with a simple main body font to bring balance to the certificate.

Retro Script

Retro script fonts are less formal and add a modern playful touch to a certificate. This style of font often reflects the energy that was around in the rock ‘n’roll era of 1950’s America and is best used on informal certificates. A couple of popular retro script fonts are Pacifico and Lobster. Some fantastic names there!

From the classical to the retro, the most important thing in choosing fonts for certificate printing is that they are legible as the receiver will likely want to display their certificate and keep it as a treasured memento.

With over three decades of certificate printing experience, we can advise you on the best font for your certificate. Fill out our online enquiry form leaving your name, contact number and a brief description of your requirements and we’ll be in touch to discuss it further.