Choosing a ‘best in class’ certificate printing solutions and infilling partner

Choosing a ‘best in class’ certificate printing solutions and infilling partner

Infilling student certificates, transcripts and other documentation is a hugely time-consuming and laborious process for universities, awarding bodies and other educational establishments. From data collection to proofing, printing to packaging and eventually delivery, completing this work in-house can cause other important projects to be side-lined and labour costs to rise.

Outsourcing this process allows you to save time, money, and resources.

So, what should you look for when selecting certificate printing solutions and a secure infilling service?

5 things to look for when outsourcing certificate printing services and transcript infilling process:

  1. Infilling allows for fast and secure proofing

Thorough and attentive proofing is crucial when it comes to certificate printing services. Any text or design errors need to be corrected before they’re forwarded to the intended recipient. This is a time-consuming and detailed process that takes up resources in often over-stretched departments. Traditional proofing requires regular back and forth between checks and edits and ensuring that these can be tracked correctly.

Our infilling service is a cloud-based solution that allows for instant proofing of PDF versions of certificates and documents. This expediates the process, improves the accuracy and ensures records are secure.

  1. Infilling delivers swift turnaround times

When you’re reviewing a potential infilling service the turnaround time is key. Any service you opt for needs to be able to guarantee both accuracy and efficiency, ensuring you can meet promised deadlines and clear your workload on time.

Processing times do, of course, depend on the volume of records we’re handling. Whatever the quantity though, we provide a rapid service that outstrips the speed of many of our competitors, with turnaround times starting from as little as 5 working days.

  1. Trusted packaging and dispatch ensures efficient processing

Documents need to be returned to the institution or sent directly to students. At Hague, once documentation has been approved it is then printed.

Certificates, transcripts, and cover letters are collated and enclosed into presentation folders or envelopes, before being returned either to the commissioning institution or directly to the end recipient. In short, we take care of everything swiftly, accurately, and of course, professionally.

  1. A dedicated point of contact and attentive service 

We provide each of the 250 education sector customers worldwide that we work with a single point of contact at Hague. This ensures smooth and reliable communications throughout, enabling any problems to be resolved speedily.

  1. Added value solutions, including secure print services, that provide peak professionalism

As well as providing reliable, efficient, fast, and secure infilling services from receipt of the order to dispatch and delivery, we also provide added-value services such a secure print services, branded envelopes, and personalised graduation folders. This attention to detail will make all the difference when showcasing your brand image and professional offering. Learn more about our solutions for education here.

A trusted and reliable infilling service from Hague

At Hague we’re proud to work with over 250 educational institutions and awarding bodies worldwide to provide secure and efficient infilling services.

With speedy turnaround, we’ve paid attention to what our clients need from an infilling service and have developed what we do accordingly.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can free up your time and resources, as well as simplify the whole process then contact us today