Can printed stickers on a roll increase professional efficiency?

Can printed stickers on a roll increase professional efficiency?

Productivity in the workplace is key to success. But with so many things to do everyday sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming thinking about where to start. If you want to master the skill of multi-tasking then you could use printed stickers on a roll to make sure your office is organised. Labelling drawers and folders will guarantee that everything has a place, and you’ll know exactly where everything you need is and can streamline any internal processes.

These other tips can help you to increase efficiency in the workplace.

Learn how to delegate

Passing tasks off to employees is vital. Employing and working with staff members you trust means that you’ll lessen your personal workload and gain the expertise and skills of your fellow workers. Make sure all deadlines are clearly communicated at all times and that everyone has all the resources available to do their tasks. Clearly labelling the office supply drawers and documents trays with printed stickers on a roll will mean they rarely have to search around for anything and can quickly complete their daily tasks.

Assess your process

Does your process work for you? Are you being as productive as you could possibly be? Regularly check in and assess the way you work. There will usually be something you can do to increase productivity. Find your way of working efficiently, be agile and constantly evolving how you work.

Steer clear of personal distractions

Turn off social media push notifications on your phone and try to avoid mindlessly browsing on the internet. Many browsers have productivity aids that you can download to block yourself from visiting certain websites. The odd distraction may help to increase productivity by giving your mind a moment to think about something else before you get back to a task, but spending two hours scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed is probably not going to help you get much work done!

Keep meetings short

Meetings at work may help to get all the brains together in one room, but they also mean that people have to take time out from doing their actual tasks. This can slow production right down, so try to keep meetings as short and focused as possible to avoid this from happening. Know exactly what you want to get out of the meeting so you can keep everyone on track to the desired outcome and avoid digression.