Beyond the box: How effective packaging can take your product to the next level.

Beyond the box: How effective packaging can take your product to the next level.

Product packaging plays a crucial role in the success of any product. It is often the first point of contact between a customer and a product, and as such, it can be seen as more important than the actual product itself.

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5 reasons to invest in your products packaging.

1. Provides safety and protection.

An obvious reason to invest in your packaging is due to the safety and protection that it can provide. Primarily, packaging exists to protect the content from any damage that may occur during storage. transport, and handling. Throughout the whole logistics chain, packaging ensures the product remains intact from the manufacturer, to when the product is delivered to the customer. As well as damage protection, a well packaged product can also help prevent theft and the the tampering of products inside- what more could you want!

2. Adds excitement for customers.

Product packaging is also essential in creating excitement and anticipations for customers. With #unboxing receiving around 36 million views per week on TikTok (TikTok Creative Centre, 2023), viewers and potential buyers seek to watch satisfying videos of their favourite products being received and unboxed all through their screens. Packaging is showcased and appreciated for being alluring with many viewers admitting to keeping their packaging despite having already unboxed the product. Especially in the retail and cosmetics industry, packaging is seen as a contributing factor in consumers purchasing decisions, where they can display their aesthetically pleasing perfume bottles and show boxes, almost acting as ornaments within their home.

The use of vibrant colours, unique shapes and creative designs can often attract potential customers, creating an emotional connection and making the product memorable. This is also going to help your products stand out from the crowds, enabling you to differentiate from your competitors.

3. Allows for personalisation.

Want to form a relationship with your customers and increase the memorability of your products? Including personalisation elements in your packaging can do just that. By tailoring your  packaging to the individual needs and preferences of your customers, you can create a more engaging experience that will help you stand out in the marketplace. This can be demonstrated in many forms, such as, custom labels, personalised messages, or even unique packaging shapes. This can be particularly effective in the gifting market and for direct mail initiatives- where customers feel valued when receiving thoughtful, personalised gifts. The benefits of personalisation are endless- with major advantages including, boosting brand recognition, increasing sales and gaining competitive advantages within the market.

Hague would love to add a personal touch to you product packaging- contact us to hear what we have to offer.

4. Can promote sustainability and re-usability.

As consumers are concerned for the environment now more than ever, the sustainability and re-usability of packaging is of great importance. Where the environmental damage, caused by packaging waste, is growing, other packaging options can be used to combat this. By using environmentally friendly materials, reducing the size and excess packaging or designing multi-functional packaging that can be used, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability with these offerings and attracts the conscious consumer.

The use of sustainable packaging is essential for the health of our planet, our communities and our businesses. By choosing more sustainable packaging options, you can reduce waste, conserve resources, and make a positive impact on the world and businesses around us.

5. Helps to market your brand.

A well-designed package can help to create a positive impressions of the brand and build awareness around it. Consistent branding across all packaging can help customers recognise the brand from a mile away, making this more memorable, building brand loyalty and encouraging repeat custom.


By paying attention to the design and function of product packaging, companies can improve their product success and build a stronger brand. Whether you want to maximise product protection, minimise environmental damage or boost brand recognition, Hague can help with all your packaging needs. Get in touch today or give us a call on +44 (0)1924 244555 to speak to our packaging experts.