Appeal to consumer subconscious with hologram sticker printing

Appeal to consumer subconscious with hologram sticker printing

A good product is about more than just the product itself. Packaging can be one of your most effective branding tools, and is a lot more than just something nice to look at. In fact, attractive packaging can connect you more closely with your audience and ultimately help you to sell more products. Hologram sticker printing can also be a unique and interesting addition to complement your packaging.

There are many different elements that go into effective packaging, from the structure of the package to imagery used, colours, fonts and use of hologram labels, which can add something unusual and impressive. Getting the right combination can appeal to customers on a subconscious level, and it’s in the subconscious that most people make the final decision to purchase!

Connecting with consumers’ non-conscious

So, what is it that appeals to customers and how can you use packaging to connect with this? It’s not quite so simple, but what is really memorable and pleasant to a consumer may not be the benefits you are currently focusing on.

Your packaging is a consumers’ most tangible contact with a brand during the important purchase stage. It must make your brand appealing and desirable, and it must also be a reflection of the product within. Think about it this way, brands selling lower-fat food products don’t put items in slimmer packaging for no reason! There is a complex psychological process before consumers decide to buy, and your packaging can impact it.

The musts of packaging

For packaging to be successful it must meet the following criteria:

  • Stand out: your packaging must draw in the consumer’s eye and quickly communicate what your brand and product are about. Hologram sticker printing is an excellent way to do both of these things, as well as adding credibility to your business
  • Be simple: a simple design is always the most effective, as it cleanly and clearly communicates with the consumer. In a busy retail environment, they will be drawn to something that drowns out the noise
  • Engage with consumers: your packaging should make a consumer feel something, whether that’s desire, curiosity or even surprise, that emotional engagement can make all the difference

Once you have this in place then it’s time to sit back and wait for your products fly off the shelves! If you want to talk in more detail about designing custom hologram labels to make your product stand out, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’d really like to hear from you to discuss your needs in more detail, and provide expert advice on how you can use hologram sticker printing to improve your chances at appealing to your consumers’ sub-conscious.