About awarding bodies and certificate print

About awarding bodies and certificate print

An awarding body is an organisation that conceptualises, creates, delivers, and awards the recognition of course and learning outcomes to an individual after they have completed a formal assessment or process. Part of this process is the certificate print completed by the awarding body, after which certificates are awarded to the individual as a mark of their progress and achievement.

Awarding bodies do not necessarily have to be exam boards, for example when a school student takes an A Level; sometimes they are registered charities or businesses that have set up their own awarding body. These awarding bodies are then empowered to make awards and utilise certificate print, before delivering the qualifications to the individual who has met certain standards set by the regulating body.

In the UK alone there are over 160 awarding bodies, each of which is required to meet the conditions set by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL) for England and Northern Ireland, the Council for the Curriculum, the Welsh Government in Wales, and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) in Scotland.

What is a qualification?

The qualification acquired is considered a reliable indication of a learner’s ability and the knowledge and skills they have acquired. To demonstrate their success an awarding body will award students with a certificate which can be used as evidence of completion.

There are different reasons why an awarding body may deliver certificates to an individual. Vocational qualifications, which unlike academic qualifications like the GCSE or A Level, are any qualifications that relate to the world of work, e.g. skills a worker may need for a specific job or to work in a specific industry.

Most qualifications are composed of a number of topics or areas, some which are mandatory and others which are optional. Once the full course has been completed then the individual will be considered capable of continuing in that field and either progressing to a higher level or beginning relevant, practical work.

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