7 clever direct mail printing solutions

7 clever direct mail printing solutions

Direct mail can sometimes have a bad reputation, but it doesn’t have to be boring – here’s 7 examples of super clever direct mail printing solutions.

Envelope printing solutions

In a way, the envelope is the most important part of your direct mail – it needs to be intriguing enough for the receiver to open the envelope. At the end of the day, if the envelope isn’t opened, then the rest of your direct mail is useless!

These examples have got creative with their envelopes in different ways – each attracting attention on the doormat.

Window cleaning envelopes

Created for a window cleaning company – these envelopes are simple but hugely effective – after all, what could be more appropriate than a window cleaner cleaning the envelope window?

Via Duck Duck Gray Duck.

Mercedes Benz envelope

This envelope cleverly showcases the versatility of the Mercedes range, enticing the receiver to look at what’s inside.

Cat litter envelopes coated in catnip

No cat could resist his direct mailer about cat litter, as it was coated in irresistible (to cats) catnip. As a result, the owner of the cat is likely to be very curious about what’s inside, too.

Via Adweek.

Brochure printing solutions

Managed to convince the receiver to open your envelope? Next you need to wow them with what’s inside. Here’s two clever printed brochures.

BMW winter tyres brochure

This cold weather mailer from BMW draws attention with its innovative cut out section which reveals the information on winter tyres when peeled away by the recipient.

Via autoadvert.

Birthing facility

This brochure for a birthing facility is striking due to its unique shape which also serves to highlight the content of the different pages.

Via Codefear.

More unusual ideas

These ideas are a little more out there – but would definitely command attention!

Detergent company tshirt package

This detergent company wrapped their direct mail package in a t shirt – which by its arrival would be suitably dirty in order to test the washing powder that was inside the package.

Via Woweffect.

Insurance company burglar direct mail

Sent by an insurance company, this mailout unfolded to reveal a full sized ‘burglar’ with the tag line ‘It’s that easy to get in your home’.

Via Woweffect.

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