Why do students need custom certificates?

Why do students need custom certificates?

Once a student has graduated from a course they have undertaken, they will usually be awarded a certificate as proof that they have completed their studies. Many institutions find that this is the most efficient way to mark the end of a student’s studies, from private language schools to the world’s leading universities. Most of these also choose to award custom certificates to their students, as there are many advantages over generic certificates that are simply filled in by hand.

Fully customised certificates

By choosing to award students with custom certificates, the institution is able to add design details such as their logo. It is also able to make sure the certificate is designed according to certain guidelines, which means everything from the colour palette to the font used are aligned with the rest of the materials distributed by the institution. This attention to detail shows a high level of professionalism, and can be instantly recognised which also makes the certificate more secure as people will quickly be able to tell if something looks suspicious.

Custom certificates fight fraud

When a respected institution or organisation awards a certificate, one of the biggest worries is that it could be replicated and potentially harm their good reputation. With certificate fraud on the rise, it’s more important than ever to make sure that certificates include a number of security features that prevent this from happening. Custom certificates are one of the most effective ways of doing this, and it shows how important it is for both students and organisations to have fully customised certificates.

At Hague, we have a client-by-client approach to creating certificates. Each stage of the production process is built around a client’s specific requirements, with our experienced design team creating print certificates that match corporate guidelines, as well as addressing security concerns. The security features offered include everything from creative and complex security designs that are extremely difficult for fraudsters to replicate, security inks and bespoke holograms that are instantly tamper evident and controlled watermark paper stocks so you know exactly how many certificates have been issued.

A student will own a certificate their entire life, so they want to have something that looks good but also protects the hard work they have put into achieving the qualification.

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