Use stocktake labels as part of your stocktaking system

Use stocktake labels as part of your stocktaking system

Regular stocktaking is an important part of any business’s procedure for controlling stock levels. The process is crucial for a company to determine the inventory compared to how much has been ordered and sold. There are many different ways to check inventory levels, but using stocktake labels is one of the easiest and most helpful.

Accurate stock taking

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to taking stock is making sure that the information produced is accurate. An inaccurate count could result in you believing that stock is missing when in fact it is not and has just been overlooked. If this problem arises it could mean one of two things: either your staff need more training when it comes to taking stock, or the method that you are currently using needs to be reviewed.

If you think it is the latter, then you could look at how the information is currently being collected. Look at the physical layout of your store or warehouse, develop a plan for efficient stock taking, and put a strategy in place that addresses the problems you are encountering.

If possible, it might be an idea to set aside a certain area that is reserved purely for stocktaking. Keeping the process as organised as possible can really help to eliminate these potential issues. Always plan ahead of time to make sure the necessary resources are in place, and choose a quiet time of day to cause minimal disruption to actual business.

The stocktake area should be kept clean and tidy and all inventory should be easily accessed and quickly sortable. When taking stock, stocktake labels act as a visible reminder of what stock has been counted already and what has not, leading to more accurate final figures. Every item should be counted, even if it is unmarked or in unopened boxes, and all external distractions such as phones or music should be limited to avoid the chance of human error resulting from lack of attention to the task at hand.

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