Use a custom hologram as part of your sticker marketing

Use a custom hologram as part of your sticker marketing

Sticker marketing is a highly effective and often forgotten form of marketing that many businesses could be taking advantage of. What’s more, it’s a low-cost marketing approach that can have a high impact, especially when combined with your business’s custom hologram.

Promotional stickers are physical, adhesive labels that are a fast and easy way to spread your message and raise brand awareness. Whether handed out in store, included in packaging, or delivered as part of a promotional pack, stickers can be used as personal endorsements for your business.

It could be argued that stickers were the original social media marketing; people were sticking them to their notepads, rucksacks and walls to show their appreciation for something long before they were able to ‘like’ a brand or share its posts on Facebook.

A well-designed sticker sticks in the memory of everyone who sees it (pun intended!). Not only will this develop brand loyalty with the owner of the sticker, but all those who indirectly see the sticker will become more aware of your brand.

That’s what makes it so important for your stickers to really have the wow factor. And nothing adds the wow factor more than a custom hologram. Hologram stickers look visually impressive as well as sending a powerful message that you are operating a highly professional business that cares about quality.

Promotional stickers with a custom hologram also have a higher perceived value than other marketing materials, such as brochures or business cards. They are seen as more of a gift than traditional advertising mediums and also have some practical use. What’s more, the recipient is also able to engage with the item, deciding where to put it or whether to give it to someone else.

You can use your marketing stickers with a custom hologram to brand pretty much anything related to your business. Stick them on notebooks, mugs, laptops, key rings; a branded sticker can instantly turn any item into a branded item.

Keen to design marketing stickers that feature a custom hologram and use them to promote your business? Get in touch with us today, a member of our team can arrange a free consultation so that we can discuss what you’re looking for in more detail and help you to start planning a design.