Three things to keep in mind when considering print management companies

Three things to keep in mind when considering print management companies

Outsourcing your printing to a print management company can help to save your small or medium sized business time and money, as well as giving you access to a range of expert advice too.

However, when it comes to considering print management companies, it’s important to keep certain things in mind to make sure you are getting total value for money and choosing a supplier that best meets the needs of your business.

If you are the owner of a small or medium sized business and are thinking of using the services of a print management company, in our latest blog post we take a look at three key things that you need to consider. Read on to find out more.

1. Keeping your data secure should be their priority

As part of the print management service you’re paying for, your print company should ensure that your printers are properly secured to avoid the risk of data breaches. Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that criminals could potentially access the sensitive information that is stored on your network, and this could have a really detrimental effect on your business. Therefore, you need to check that your print management company can properly protect your data to avoid it getting into the wrong hands.

2. They should make tailored recommendations

It’s important to ensure that your print management company are providing you with the best service possible, and this means that they should be taking a proactive approach and offering tailored printing recommendations for your business that will suit your needs best. For example, how can you streamline your current print management process, automate and improve how you currently print in order to make your business more efficient?

3. They should be both flexible and responsive

Every company has a unique set up, and your print management company should recognise that it’s important for their solution to meet your needs. This means checking how scalable their offering is, and whether they can provide you with a custom solution. In addition, you should also double check what their response times are as part of their terms of service. If things don’t go to plan and an error occurs, you need to make sure that you can speak to someone on the phone or via email quickly and that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

Now that you’ve discovered a few key services that your print management company should be offering, you might be interested in looking at an alternative provider. With over 30 years’ of experience, Hague are the experts when it comes to print management. If you’re interested in hearing more about print management services, send us a message using our online enquiry form, and a member of our print team will be in touch to discuss it further with you.