Solve these common stocktake errors with stocktake labels

Solve these common stocktake errors with stocktake labels

Is stocktake something you should actually bother with? The answer, of course, is a resounding yes! By completing regular stocktakes and having insight into your inventory you can find new ways to increase profits and improve your business. But there are many common mistakes that often arise when a business undertakes a stocktake — fortunately, many of them can be solved with stocktake labels!

Below are some of the most common discrepancies the can arise from a poorly conducted stocktake:

  • Stock is placed in the wrong location
  • Human error which occurs during the stocktake process
  • Stock incorrectly labeled and unable to be identified
  • Items mistaken for similar products
  • Wrong unit of measurement recorded
  • Inbound stock wrongly recorded

Do these common mistakes sound familiar? Have you been noticing errors in your stocktake figures which could negatively impact your business? If you have then you must be feeling understandably frustrated. But you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t need expensive software (or new employees!) to solve the problem.

A few simple steps can be taken to avoid all of these problems arising. The first step should always be to recount stock if numbers aren’t matching up. But this time, use stocktake labels to attach to shelves or boxes to clearly identify different stock, e.g. to categorise inventory which has been counted or which shouldn’t be counted. The labels can also be used to record the condition or any other details about the inventory as you count.

Using stocktake labels will ensure that the right stock is always in the right location, as well as reducing the risk of human error which is unavoidable no matter how conscientious your staff members are. Both of these can have immediate benefits for your business, helping staff to quickly locate stock as well as making certain you know exactly how much stock you have and the condition it’s in.

Moreover, stocktake labels will guarantee stock is correctly labeled the first time round and no items are mistaken for similar products. They also give those doing the stocktake a way to instantly record the right figures so there is no confusion over unit of measurement.

Regular stock checks are the quickest way for you to identify over stocking, under stocking, and any stock that may have reached its expiry date. Never encounter inventory issues again, find out how we at Hague can design and supply you with self-adhesive labels that can help your staff to take stock with ease and accuracy.

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