Smart printing solutions: New environmentally friendly textile inks

Smart printing solutions: New environmentally friendly textile inks

Water-based textile inks supplier Magna Colour has developed a variety of water-based inks that they claim are eco friendly. Established in 1978, the smart printing solutions company are manufacturers of environmentally aware printing inks and ink bases. They have become known around the world as a leader in water-based technology for screen printing of textiles.

Tackling commonly faced environmental issues

The company’s four new inks have been created to tackle issues encountered by textile printers, manufacturers or brands. They work by incorporating slow-drying inks that suit high-detail printing and printing lighter shades on darker materials using a formaldehyde-free water-based ink.

Magna are not the first company to be concerned with creating a range of environmentally friendly inks. For several years now the printing industry has been making changes to move towards a more eco friendly approach. How eco aware a printing solutions company is, is a consideration all customers should make before employing its services.

Switching to eco friendly inks still provides the high quality printing customers have come to expect, but they do not contain the damaging additives often found in traditional inks. Soy-based ink is one of the most popular environmentally friendly inks that has become more prevalent with the increased demand for corporate sustainability. Originally developed in the 1970s, soy and vegetable-based inks are considered by some to provide a more eco friendly alternative to conventional ink.

Here at Hague we have an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place; this means we make sure clear auditable production processes are shown, cutting back on waste through careful management and processes that are regularly reviewed.

We review each individual project to identify if it can be produced in a more eco friendly manner. We work to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and substitute toxic chemicals with products that are less harmful to the environment. Where possible, we aim to use local companies based close to our clients to support our aim of becoming carbon neutral.

To read more about our commitment to eco friendly printing solutions, visit the Environmental page of our website.