Should you use voucher printing software for printing gift vouchers?

Should you use voucher printing software for printing gift vouchers?

Some companies supply voucher printing software which enables retailers and other businesses to print their own gift vouchers. Gift vouchers can be extremely beneficial for retailers, helping to boost sales, generate new business and keep your brand at the front of consumers minds (thanks to the voucher being in wallets waiting to be spent).

Although voucher printing software may enable you to quickly produce gift vouchers in house, the potential downsides may outweigh the benefits. Areas to consider include:


Before printing their own gift vouchers, businesses should consider the security implications of producing vouchers for use in their business. As gift vouchers can be exchanged for products and services in place of cash, they should be treated with the same level of security as money. All monetary notes are printed with a wide variety of security features to prevent fraud. Printing gift vouchers on standard paper with no security features leaves you open to losing money if vouchers are duplicated.

Instead, look for a specialist gift voucher printer who can print gift vouchers with security features such as holograms, high security inks and controlled watermarked paper. These features will help deter people from attempting to fraudulently reproduce your vouchers as well as enabling staff to quickly identify authentic vouchers at the till.


Most voucher printing software only allows you to choose from a limited number of designs for vouchers. As a result, the vouchers are unlikely to be totally in line with your brand image. By working with printers who use in house design teams, you can create vouchers that reinforce your brand rather than detracting from it. In addition, the quality of materials and ink is likely to be much higher, helping to present your business in a positive light.

Voucher Printing Software Cost

Although voucher printing software may seem more cost effective initially, remember that you will also have the additional costs of materials, ink and printers, plus the number you will be able to produce is low. In contrast, working with a gift voucher printer will allow you to print large volumes of high quality vouchers quickly, as and when you need them.