Should you be using hologram labels to stand out?

Should you be using hologram labels to stand out?

Adding hologram labels to any item or piece of packaging is a fantastic way to make it stand out and add that little something extra. Whether that’s including a hologram label on your business cards, creating employee ID cards with holograms or attaching hologram labels to your products, whoever sees the end of a bespoke design can’t fail to be impressed.

Hologram labels are an inexpensive way to give a client or consumer the push they need to choose your business over a competitor’s. It shows that you have put the time and effort into designing something unique, demonstrating the pride you have in your business.

Capture attention

No-one could deny that custom hologram labels stand out on the shelf. They entice customers to look at in more detail and communicate a sense of professionalism and high quality. People associate hologram labels with expensive products that have been made well and that need to be protected, and that leads them to view your products in that light.

What’s more, they give a feeling of authenticity – showing that your product is the real deal – all while adding another layer of security.

So why do hologram labels have the ability to capture such attention? The 3D effect created by the hologram sticker brings a product to life and is far more engaging than a two-dimensional image. Hologram labels can include features like iridescent rainbows, sparkles and frost as well as bespoke designs or logos. When used in combination with your company’s branding, whatever the label is attached to instantly gets the wow-factor.

But what kind of business should be using hologram labels to begin with?

The answer is…pretty much all businesses should be using hologram labels in some capacity! Although hologram labels are commonly found on cosmetic products, security items, and pharmaceutical products, they can be used for nearly any purpose. They are incredibly versatile and all business owners can benefit from using them.

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