‘Sharenting’ is putting families at risk of online fraud

‘Sharenting’ is putting families at risk of online fraud -->

What is ‘sharenting’?

‘Sharenting’ is where parents share personal details about their children on social media.

Why should we be concerned?

Barclays has warned that ‘sharenting’ puts families at risk of fraud and identity theft. They further stated that it could be costing £670m by 2030.

Social media has made online fraud and identity theft very easy and parents may not always be aware that the information they are sharing online can be vulnerable to hacks and scams. We often believe that we can control our privacy online but Barclays has highlighted that it is easy to access personal information, such as date of birth, from a celebratory social media post as well as answers to security questions through sharing pet’s names and places of birth.

Barclays is urging people to check their privacy settings online to ensure that the information they share is protected and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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