Say thank you to valued volunteers with a printed certificate

Say thank you to valued volunteers with a printed certificate

People in the UK are a passionate and generous bunch. Figures released in 2018 by the Department for Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) report that over one in five people volunteer their time at least once a month. The report also shows that those aged between 65 and 74 years are most likely to volunteer. This is attributed to the fact that people within this age group are more likely to be retired and therefore have more time to give to good causes.

If you run a charity or a non-profit organisation you may be looking for ways to show your appreciation for the effort and unpaid time your volunteers put in. If so, a print certificate is a fantastic way to say ‘thanks.’

Why it’s important to show your appreciation to volunteers

People who volunteer their time to a charity, school or non-profit organisation do so because they want to help, and they feel that they have skills and experience which can benefit the organisation and its members.

It’s important not to take these people’s experience and valued time for granted. While you may not have the budget to spend on gifting them with a present, a print certificate is still a fantastic way to show your appreciation. Plus presenting a certificate to your volunteers will make them feel valued and motivated to continue giving their time for free.

What to include on a printed certificate?

While you can buy printed certificates off the shelf, a personalised certificate will make a greater impact. Some details to feature on the certificate include:

  • Name of your organisation
  • A space for the volunteer’s name
  • A space for the date the certificate was awarded
  • A message detailing why the certificate was awarded
  • A space for the name of the person who presented the certificate

The person who receives the certificate may wish to display it in their home, or, if they are a student, they may want to show it to prospective employers, so ensure all details are legible and presented in a professional manner.

If you are interested in producing personalised appreciation certificates to give to your volunteers, fill out our online enquiry form, providing a contact number, email address and short description of your requirements and a member of our team will be in touch. Plus, our in-house design team can work with you to create a certificate which truly reflects the ethos of your charity or non-profit organisation.