Printed stickers on a roll & five more ways to organise yourself

Printed stickers on a roll & five more ways to organise yourself

Being organised is often not a skill that comes naturally, many people find it difficult to keep on top of everything they have going on their lives, which is usually a jam-packed combination of work life, home life and a number of hobbies or out-of-work activities. There are many different techniques we can adopt to help ourselves be more organised, such as using printed stickers on a roll to organise all of your important bills and documents.

Here are five more ways you can help yourself to be more organised, which in turn can help you to declutter your lifestyle and achieve your goals!

1. Everything in its place

Giving everything a home and keeping it in its place can create harmony at home. You could even use the printed stickers on a roll to label storage spaces. Your home will feel less cluttered and you won’t end up rummaging through cupboards to find something you were “sure was in there”. Just make sure not to have any of the labels printed “Miscellaneous”!

2. Have an annual clear out

Annually (or even bi-annually) cleaning out your cupboards and wardrobes can help you to stop collecting clutter, which can lead to becoming disorganised. If you’ve not worn or used something for over a year then consider giving it to a charity shop or a friend. You could even end up making a little bit of extra spending money every few months if you put the items up on an auction site like eBay.

3. Don’t be tempted by “a great deal”

That guitar may have been 75% off but you don’t play any musical instruments and it’s just going to end up sitting in a closet or cluttering up the corner of a room. Try not to be tempted by bargain buys if you don’t really need them. Before purchasing anything walk around the shop with it for a few minutes, or go off and have a coffee before buying. You may realise that those impulse buys are not the best decision in the long term.

4. Make lists

Organised people didn’t become organised by accident. They make lists, spend time drawing up a personal and professional schedule and stick to deadlines. If you’re not one for carrying around a notepad at all times, there are apps you can download onto your smartphone to help you stay organised. Wunderlist allows you to create lists and share them with others, as well as collaborating with other people’s lists. If you’re an iPhone user there is a built-in app called Reminders which you can use to make numerous colour-coded lists, add deadlines to tasks and tick off once they are complete.

5. Don’t give up!

Most importantly, when it comes to being organised it’s vital not to give up! Like an ambitious New Year’s Resolution quickly abandoned, it can be easy to forget adding to your list or to throw things back into a wardrobe when you’re done with them. Just spending a few extra minutes a day on keeping yourself organised can make all the difference and will be worth it in the long-run!