Packaging and roll labels printing continues to grow

Packaging and roll labels printing continues to grow

Smithers Pira has outlined the key print trends in its ‘The Future of Global Printing to 2020’ report, including the forecast that packaging and roll labels printing will continue to steadily grow. The report looks at the international market for upcoming print trends, and highlights key suppliers of the biggest global print groups.

The authors have conducted comprehensive primary and secondary research, including in-depth interviews and analysis of the Smithers Pira database, which they use as evidence to support their assertions. With this research they have drawn up market data and evaluated the future of the print industry to help businesses stay ahead of the competition and keep up-to-date with upcoming trends.

Co-author Dr. Sean Smyth said: ‘The report identifies the winners and losers. There are rising requirements for higher value digital production – to print low runs and to add engagement to the printed item – and for packaging where the physical needs and heavier substrates are higher in price.’

What became clear from the report was that packaging and roll labels printing would continue to grow just as consistently as it has in recent years. It notes that digital print, which is primarily used in the commercial sector, is performing more favourably in comparison to analogue and will continue to increase in the years leading up to 2020. Reflecting the expanding digital print market, digital equipment is also expected to double in cost.

The print markets in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe have all grown, while there has been a decline in the previously booming North American, Western European and Australasian markets. China has become the largest print market; however, as a result of lower pricing its output is markedly lower.

The report also takes a closer look at how global print will change in the coming years, examining the differing potential outlooks for varying print sectors, processes and markets.

The report is now available to download.