Is your event ticket secure? Security techniques to look for when ticket printing

Is your event ticket secure? Security techniques to look for when ticket printing

Whatever your event, when looking into getting your event ticket printed it’s vital to consider the security options your printer can offer. Ticket touts are getting more sophisticated, with 67,000 fake festival tickets reported to be in circulation last year. With this in mind, making sure your ticket has anti-forgery features is more important than ever. Here’s some security features to consider…

Personalised holograms

Adding a personalised hologram to your ticket printing makes them significantly more difficult to copy – holograms cannot be scanned or photocopied so are a proven anti-counterfeiting technique. The addition of a hologram to your tickets alone may be enough to deter scammers from attempting to copy your tickets, because of the difficulty and expense of replicating holograms.

Your personalised hologram will be visually distinctive so they are also a quick and easy way for ticket checkers to verify authenticity at your event.

Security paper event ticket printing

The paper your tickets are printed on can also act as a security feature and add another layer of protection to your event tickets.

One option is to choose a paper that changes under UV light, another is to select one that reacts to a change in temperature. When exposed to light or heat, additional details are revealed that aren’t immediately visible when viewing the ticket.


Watermarking is another anti-forgery feature that can be added to ticket printing and is very difficult for scammers to replicate. The watermark is added to the paper when it is being manufactured, which makes it impossible to photocopy watermarked tickets.

Numbered event tickets

A fairly simple feature, but one that shouldn’t be discounted, is ensuring all your tickets are uniquely numbered, allowing you to verify the legitimacy of each ticket. At Hague, we use a complex numbering system, making it very difficult for new tickets to be created with a valid number.

By including multiple security features such as these within your ticket printing process, you can significantly reduce losses from ticket fraud.

Used by racecourses, theatres, football clubs, music venues and tourist attractions, Hague have a long history in event ticket printing, and currently manufacture more than 20 million tickets a year.