Innovative point of sale displays

Innovative point of sale displays

With competition in-store always increasing, your brand needs to make an impact to stand out. These innovative point of sale displays would definitely grab our attention!

Nutella’s giant point of sale bottle stand

No one will be able to walk past this Nutella point of sale stand without giving it a second glance. The product is placed on shelves inside a giant version of the ubiquitous Nutella bottle.

Adidas pop up store

In the case of this Adidas pop up store, the whole shop is designed to be eye-catching. It is based on the shape of a shoe box with Adidas branding, and even has a pair of trainer laces poking out of the top of the box.

Maggi stand

This eye-catching point of sale material from Maggi is semi-transparent, giving the illusion of the product being poured from above onto the pile of products, which are ready to be purchased below.

Fiat window display

This car showroom has taken the window display to a new level by creating the effect of a car crashing through the window into the shop. To add to the effect, the window has a jagged edge and a broken glass effect applied around the edge.

Knorr soup

It’s hard to miss this massive soup bowl from Knorr, and the cardboard point of sale placed around the bowl tells you everything you need to know about the product.

The Selby window display

Some of the most effective window displays combine treatment of the windows with the contents inside. This window from The Selby uses the curtains printed on the outside of the windows to frame the inside.

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