ICWF to introduce new certificate printing security after forgeries

ICWF to introduce new certificate printing security after forgeries -->

The International Well Control Forum (IWCF), who are responsible for certification in the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry, have announced that they will be beefing up security on their certificates.

Certificates issued by the firm prove that employees have the necessary training and certification required to work in the industry, and it was recently discovered that some fraudulent certificates were in circulation, potentially putting employers and other employees in danger.

All future certificates issued by IWCF will now include a variety of security features in addition to methods of verifying the authenticity of the document. Security features due to be added to the certificates include holograms, watermarked paper and serial numbers. In addition, the certificates will also include a QR code, so that employers can use a new online system to verify if the document their prospective employee is using is authentic.

The new certification system has been announced after a number of instances of IWCF certificate fraud. Antony Quin, General Manager of IWCF said, “while certificate fraud isn’t common, we have been made aware of some instances where training centres have issued invalid certificates or individuals tampered with their qualifications. The new measures we have introduced will help prevent this from happening, as the certificates will be much harder to duplicate. Feedback from the training centres so far has also been very encouraging.”

This case only serves to highlight the importance of ensuring certificates are highly secure and can be easily and efficiently authenticated. We recommend certificates include a variety of security features including complex numbering, personalised holograms, watermarked paper and security inks to ensure they cannot be fraudulently replicated.

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