How to find the best ticket printing for events

How to find the best ticket printing for events

Organising a ticketed event? Choosing ticket printing for events can be a difficult task with a number of things to consider in order to ensure that you get the best ticket printing for your specific event:

Ticket verification

How will your event tickets be verified as authentic? Look for a supplier who can add multiple verification methods to tickets that can be quickly checked and approved at the point of use. For example, is it possible to add barcodes or complex numbering? Other potential verification methods include security inks which are only visible under certain lights.

Protection against fraud

Ticket fraud is an ever growing problem, especially for high profile or sold out events. Ensure your event tickets can be printed with multiple overt and covert security features which make them difficult for fraudsters to copy. Features to consider include custom holograms, security inks and microtext. Also consider the paper which the tickets are printed on, can you use controlled paper which has been watermarked for additional protection?

Ticket design

Event tickets can often become collector’s items, so the design is an important element to get right. Look for a supplier with in-house designers who can create a custom design that correctly represents your event.

Ticket delivery

A crucial part of event ticketing is the delivery of tickets to ticket holders, so seek to find a provider who also offers a fulfilment service to ensure your tickets arrive promptly and safely.

Ticket printing for events ‘extras’

Do you also need wristbands for re-entry? Consider if ticket printers can meet all your access control solutions as well as ticketing.

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