How printed stickers can make your charity stand out at fundraising events

How printed stickers can make your charity stand out at fundraising events

When a charity is raising funds for a vital cause, every penny counts, and you need to make sure that every item of merchandise you buy will not only promote your charity in the most effective away, but also get the results you need in terms of encouraging donations and support from the public.

Whether you work for a local, national or international charity, if you are a fundraising manager who would like to give your charity the edge, in our latest blog post we take a look at how printed stickers can make your charity stand out at fundraising events.

1. Help to raise brand awareness

Who doesn’t love putting on a printed sticker when you’re given one at an event? For children, this is an even more fun way for them to show that they have done something to support a worthy cause, and can really help to create a big impact. By making your stickers bright and colourful, you can really help to raise awareness of your brand, especially if you include your logo and use a custom design to make it really eye catching!

2. Make your charity buckets stand out

If you have volunteers who will be walking around the fundraising event with charity collection buckets, you can help to make those buckets stand out even more by featuring some printed stickers. Not only is this a great way to promote your charity, but thanks to long-lasting inks that are weather proof and fade-resistant, you’ll be able to use them again and again and make your marketing budget go further at the same time!

3. Encourage your supporters to spread the word

As a fundraising manager you know how passionate your supporters are about your cause – so why not give them the opportunity to spread the word further by giving them a branded car sticker to stick on their car window or bumper? Think about how much time we all spend stuck in traffic jams with nothing to look at but the car in front or next to you – and just imagine how many people could potentially be made aware of your cause in this way!

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