How important are ID cards in the real world?

How important are ID cards in the real world?

A vast number of businesses utilise security print via the use of ID cards in a bid to keep their products, services, clients and employees safe and secure. The reasons behind this, and the potential risks associated with not ensuring that all employees wear ID cards, varies drastically from industry to industry.

Take a High Street store for example; they might employee upwards of 50-100 members of staff, of varying ages and nationalities. It is unrealistic for each member of the management or security team to recognise each member of staff. Without the use security print on ID cards the potential for unathorised personnel gaining access to the stock room is greatly increased. Should they obtain a suitable uniform, perhaps from a family member or friend who does work there, they could come and go as they please, potentially helping themselves to numerous items of stock each time. As we’ve seen all too often in recent years, any business can close down, even High Street giants such as Woolworths and HMV – so while it may seem trivial, a few hundred pounds worth of stock here and there, any impact on an individual store’s profitability puts the 50-100 genuine employees at risk of redundancy.

What about the medical industry? All members of hospital staff must wear suitable identification featuring security print, particularly in restricted areas; this provides protection for both patients and employees. In addition to direct risks to those within the hospital, the potential for the theft, and associated sale and/or use of medication can be devastating. Of course, medication would always be under careful watch, and locked in suitable secure containers. However, should it be unclear as to who is, or isn’t a member of staff, at busy periods it is possible that the opportunist may be successful.

Let’s look at the educational sector. There’s a clear, stand out requirement here for ID cards featuring security print to highlight all authorised, and more importantly non-authorised personnel – the safety of students. Whether in primary school, high school, college or university; the importance of the safety of students is paramount. In addition to the obvious health & wellbeing protection associated with suitable security print identification, there are other cases where educational facilities need to protect themselves. Most modern schools, colleges and universities for example have vast amounts of expensive technology spread throughout their buildings. Without ID cards, how do you know that the smartly dressed ‘IT technician’ walking down the halls carrying several laptops is actually doing routine repairs, and isn’t heading to the boot of his car? It’s not just technology that could be stolen though, what about exam papers? In desperation to secure a strong degree result it could be tempting to try and get an advanced look at your upcoming test…

It is therefore clear that ID cards featuring some form of security print play an important role in numerous industries, at Hague Print we provide a range of security print services in order to ensure that ID cards are not compromised. For further information on the various security features we can add to your ID cards click here.

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